The Importance of Restricting Admin Rights

One overlooked issue for many businesses, is having everyone setup as a local administrator.  

By making too many people local administrators, you run the risk of people being able to download programs on your network without proper permission or vetting. One download of a malicious app could spell disaster as this could lead to a data breach or ransomware.   

Giving all employees standard user accounts is better security practice. Your network is only as secure as its weakest link. One computer on the domain running admin rights is a hole that compromises the entire network.   

When making a significant change to the network like removing local administrative rights, it is important to communicate with and educate your users on the reasoning behind the change. It’s important they understand a change in privileges is about protecting them (they can’t defend themselves against attacks they aren’t even aware of!) and not about lack of trust or trying to limit their ability to do their job effectively. Your users are much more likely to support initiatives like this when they understand the reasoning behind them. 

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