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As a leader among Michigan’s top technology companies, GRIT provides customized technology project services to organizations of all sizes. As your strategic partner, we will help you choose the right technologies for your business and industry, map out the implementation strategy, and execute with the right systems and processes to help you increase your ROI and continuously improve. Discover the business solutions you need to succeed.

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GRIT Technologies employee structured cabling

Your network environment relies on the quality and integrity of your network cabling.

GRIT Technologies offers a full line of services in the planning, design, installation, and maintenance of structured network cable infrastructures and low voltage systems that are flexible and scalable to your business needs.

Structured Network Cabling – we’ll create a comprehensive data and telecommunications infrastructure to support your business operation. From Cat5E, Cat6, coaxial cabling to fiber optics, we’ve got you covered with our lift-certified techs to reach even the most difficult places.

Sound Masking / Paging Systems – these devices allow you to integrate sound masking and paging into one seamless system to minimize distractions while facilitating necessary communications.

Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Solutions – from start to finish, we can design, plan, and install your Wi-Fi network, designed specifically for your location and environment.

Audio-Visual Systems – have an idea for a conference room set-up with built-in projectors, screens, and speakers? Or maybe a front lobby TV-mount with video capability? We’ll help you turn your vision into reality.

Access Control Systems – whether you need a complex access control system, or a simple stand-alone device, we have the products to help you control who can enter your premises, protecting your employees and property. (Link to Access Controls Page)

Surveillance and Security – integrate your security system within your current network with cameras, video recording devices, and software to provide the best solution for your needs. (Link to Cameras Page)

Moves, Adds, Changes – our skilled technicians can ensure any change you envision will include the appropriate cabling and connections to ensure business continuity.
Our certified sales engineers partner with leading technology solutions providers Brivo and 3xLogic to design and install the right system for your organization.

Thinking about expanding the capabilities of your existing environment? Or are you starting from scratch and want to know how to optimize the value of your business network?

Pick our brains – we’d love to show you what your system is capable of.

GRIT Technologies employee network hardware installation

Is your network future proof?

GRIT Technologies has a methodical, proven approach to designing and implementing networks that meet the demands of today’s hybrid working environments with load balancing for higher throughput and availability requirements, and expertly tuned Next Gen firewalls for the highest level of protection.

Keeping your business running with maximum efficiency and effectiveness requires building and maintaining a robust, highly-available and high-functioning network. You can take full advantage of our experience and expertise as we manage the entire planning process of installing your network. Whether you’re setting up a new office or need to replace your old network, GRIT can design your entire system and put a project plan into action for results that meet your current and future business goals and objectives.

GRIT can expertly design and implement all aspects of networking to optimize:

  • Performance – the right sized network for your needs without overspending, creating a faster user experience by providing the shortest path to your data and applications.
  • Network Availability – design your LAN, WAN, and SD-WAN to support mobile employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • Security – minimize your exposure with traffic inspection, policy enforcement, and technology that monitors threat data in real time.
  • Cost reduction – introduce innovation such as SD-WAN when appropriate and reduce reliance on maintaining multiple network security appliances.

All our network design and implementation projects begin with a comprehensive needs audit and analysis of your current system in light of your business goals and objectives. The end-result is a network design to meet your business challenges today and well into the future.

Machines will never replace the ingenuity of your human workforce. However, when correctly applied, technology can take their productivity and efficiency to new heights. Whether you are moving your resources to the cloud or keeping everything in-house, one of the most crucial parts of any workplace in today’s world is your network.

GRIT’s people, processes, and technology provide comprehensive, networking services that drive bottom-line results for your business. Contact GRIT to ask about our network design and implementation services today.

microsoft 365 migration

Microsoft 365 migration

Consolidate all email and calendars into one secure platform.

Provide Microsoft 365 anywhere to all your employees, giving them access to email, calendars, and collaboration from anywhere
Maintain the security and compliance of your data, users, devices, and environment with Microsoft security tools.

Email Migrations – Email is the cornerstone of collaboration and communication inside and outside your organization. Mistakes made during implementation and migration can be catastrophic.

Migration sources – we have experience in every email source and provide migrations from Google Workspaces, Gmail, GoDaddy hosted Office 365, on-perm Exchange servers, POP3 and IMAP sources.

Security – As a security first solutions provider, we can help implement security best practices during implementation and migration.

Mergers and divestitures – we understand the complexity and unique challenges of consolidating or carving out Microsoft 365 tenants.

File System Migrations – Files are foundation to almost any business. From Microsoft Office documents to complex development environments, we have the expertise to safely and reliably move your files to SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business or Azure, enabling better collaboration, reliability, security, and data governance.

SharePoint Migrations – SharePoint and OneDrive for Business are the cornerstones for managing files in the modern workplace. Local file sync allows your users to work online or offline while your information remains secure and available.

Google Drive Migrations – When moving from Google Workspaces to Microsoft 365, you can’t leave your files behind, yet the complexity of managing Google’s proprietary format can cause roadblocks and data loss.

GRIT technologies employee cloud migration

Server to cloud migration - migration to the cloud made easy

The cloud is a powerful tool. From reducing IT costs to nearly limitless scalability, decentralizing your data can bring a new dynamic level of power to your operation. However, if you have an established infrastructure and systems, the thought of moving to the cloud might just give you nightmares. Making the transition is not easy without thorough planning and careful execution. GRIT’s cloud server migration services can put these worries to rest so your business can take advantage of all the cloud has to offer.

Assess – We’ll conduct an in-depth assessment of your environment and application dependencies to develop a proposed project plan, methodology, cost, and timeline.

Plan & Build – We’ll create a minimal disruption plan for your migration and design a target architecture to meet your security , compliance, performance, and cost requirements.

Migrate – After extensive testing, we’ll execute the migration plan and provide up-to-date status during each migration phase, ensuring a seamless go-live event.

  • Shed technical debt
  • increase IT agility
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Reduce CapEx overhead
  • Improve your security and compliance posture
  • Create a long-term cloud strategy with expert guidance
GRIT technologies IT support

Staff augmentation: short-term help for long-term impact

To successfully complete an advanced technology project, your organization must have the manpower and senior-level expertise to plan and execute within budget. When your project requires extra support that you may not have on staff, GRIT can help through our IT staff augmentation services.

Our team of technology project experts has years of experience serving businesses across multiple industries. We know that every project is unique, so we’ll ensure we provide the right team members most familiar with your technology project to assist.

You Should Consider IT Staff Augmentation If:

  • You believe the scope of the technology project is too large for your in-house staff
  • You’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to in-house hires
  • The project’s turnaround time does not allow for new hires to be considered
  • The technology project has a higher budget than anticipated to allow for ad hoc resources
  • Inability to meet defined goals without having extra senior-level support
GRIT Technologies IT support

Co-managed IT support for your IT department

Co-managed IT is an IT management service model that allows businesses and IT administrators to customize which IT services to keep in-house and which to outsource to a trusted partner like GRIT. It gives businesses a unique opportunity to pair the convenience and up-to-date resources of an external IT management service with their own in-house specialists to optimize efficiency. With GRIT’s co-managed services, you can pick and choose the resources you need and when you need them. IT co-management is an opportunity to create a partnership to supplement, enhance and support your existing IT team.

To establish a co-management approach, our experts will work with you to:

  • Analyze your existing IT department’s needs, skills, resources, tools and abilities.
  • Determine which services or resources you need to meet department or organizational goals.
  • Develop a plan and allocate resources to provide for those needed services.

Co-management looks different for each business. Some companies rely on their in-house IT department for helpdesk support while leveraging an external partner for large-scale strategies and security, or vice versa. It’s also flexible — as your needs or resources change, so can your co-management strategy.

What can co-managed IT services providers deliver?

Some of the services that GRIT can provide to help your organization’s internal IT team include:

  • Access to state-of-the-art monitoring, management and ticketing platforms and processes
  • End-user support services
  • Support overflow services
  • Contractual IT resources
  • Consulting services including knowledge transfer and process implementation

Stop lying awake at night stressed about your never-ending list of technology projects that need to get done. Let us partner with you to leverage strategic , proactive support that lets you build the IT program you want to build.

We know IT consulting engagements and technology projects are notorious for resource shortages, scope creep, delays, and going way over budget. That’s why GRIT Technologies has spent the past 15+ years developing a team of great people with enterprise-level talent and proven processes that can execute technology projects with minimal disruption to your business.

Get your technology projects done right.

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Managed Services

If you’re looking for a partner to lead your technology strategy and operations so you can focus on your business, Managed Services is right for you.

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Critical business data lives on servers, personal devices, and in the cloud. If any of that data is compromised or breached, companies are vulnerable to significant revenue loss and even failure.

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Technology Projects

Need help checking things off your IT to-do list? Whether it’s an e-mail or cloud migration, low voltage cabling, an infrastructure refresh, or installing cameras and door strikes, we’ve got you covered.