Supporting Michigan Veterans with GRIT

At GRIT Technologies Michigan, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. That’s why we sponsored the Sporting Clays Charity Shoot organized by the AGC of Michigan and the Construction Leadership Council (CLC). This event was not just about sponsorship; it was about joining hands with like-minded organizations and individuals to make a tangible difference.

Our involvement in this event reflects our commitment to making our community a better place, and in this case, specifically, supporting veterans in Michigan.

Hooah, Inc.: A Cause Close to Our Hearts

The event aimed to provide support to Hooah, Inc., an organization dedicated to assisting forward-deployed servicemen and women, their stateside families, and returning veterans. Although Hooah, Inc. doesn’t have an active chapter in Michigan, their commitment to helping veterans in the state is unwavering.

Every dollar donated to Hooah, Inc. can be designated for Michigan, ensuring that the support directly benefits veterans in the region. This mission resonates deeply with us at GRIT Technologies as we have several veterans on our staff. 

The Sporting Clays Charity Shoot with GRIT Technologies Michigan 

The event was an exceptional day of fun and camaraderie for hunting and shotgun enthusiasts. 

While reading about our participation is informative, seeing it in action is even more powerful. We invite you to watch the video recap of the GRIT Technologies Michigan team at the event. It’s a glimpse into the energy, enthusiasm, and camaraderie that was present throughout the day.

At GRIT Technologies Michigan, we’re not just a managed IT service provider in Clinton Township, Michigan; we’re a part of the community, dedicated to making a difference. Our involvement in the Sporting Clays Charity Shoot reflects our commitment to supporting veterans, and it’s just one of the many ways we aim to create positive change in our community and beyond.

Stay tuned for more initiatives like these, and join us in empowering Michigan veterans and building a stronger community together.

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