What You Should Know About Cyber Resiliency 

In this past few years there has been a shift across the IT industry from Cybersecurity, over to Cyber Resiliency. The idea is to have the people, processes and procedures in place ahead of time, so you can quickly respond to a breach, when it happens.

Past practices have always focused on preventing a breach from happening, but those days are unfortunately gone. According to Ryan Weeks (Datto CISO) , “Every business, will have a cybersecurity breach at some point in its lifetime”.  This statement is compounded by the fact many business are relying on 3rd party cloud based software, and services that could possibly be breached themselves.

These supply chain breaches are the leading cause of stolen login credentials, that can give bad actors the keys to your business network.  With these credentials they can cause a data breach to your business or even hold your data at ransom with Ransomeware.

There are a variety of avenues, that bad actors can use to accomplish this so having the right cyber resiliency plan in place is key. Having the right IT partner in place that follows the NIST Cybersecurity Framework can give you the confident assurance that you can recover quickly from a breach when it does eventually happen.

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