Can a Simple iPhone Cable Hack Your Computer?

In this video, Matt Moline from GRIT Technologies talks about a new copycat cable that can be used to steal personal information and hijack devices.

This cable is a replica of an original iPhone cable with additional technology built-in to allow for the theft of information and delivery of harmful payloads to computers. It is a real threat to many organizations and is readily available at an affordable price.

The cable reviewed in this video is sold by a legitimate company to individuals and organizations looking to build their own robust security systems, test their security, and aid law enforcement. It is particularly dangerous because it is inconspicuous and can be placed in public places without detection. The cable is able to deliver a harmful payload to a computer and control it wirelessly.  It also has a built-in keylogger that can capture every keystroke entered into a computer.

This video provides tips on how to protect yourself from this type of threat.

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