JD Candler and McDonald Roofing

JD Candler and McDonald Roofing

“Before GRIT, staff could be out of action for two hours or more every time they made a support request. Now, those delays have all but disappeared.”

JD Candler and McDonald Roofing Companies were growing beyond the ability of their one-man IT provider to support. Although they had a good, long-term relationship, one person was not able to keep up with the demands of their rapidly growing businesses. Additionally, all their technology resources were on-premises, aging, and causing bottlenecks in their day-to-day operation.

Upon hearing about GRIT from another vendor partner, CFO Jeremy Gay reached out to GRIT to learn more about their comprehensive managed services offering, and recommendations to solve the challenges they were facing with their technology. Over the course of the next year, GRIT re-cabled their main office to improve connectivity, and installed wireless access points to improve mobile access capability. We migrated their environment to Microsoft 365, eliminating the need for onsite file-sharing, and provided training on Microsoft Teams to allow them to continue to meet and collaborate when COVID-19 prevented on-site in-person meetings. This allowed them to retire their aging server, eliminating the need to budget and set aside funds for IT capital expenditure. This provided them with a total cloud environment, allowing them to work from anywhere more efficiently than their on-premises equipment did previously.

To keep their systems running smoothly, and people productive, JD Candler and McDonald also needed the services of a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to provide prompt technical support.

Having an MSP was business-critical because while their team knew roofing inside out, they didn’t know IT.

“We’re a roofing company and don’t have technical IT know-how on staff,” says CFO Jeremy Gay, who is also responsible for IT. “Nobody’s really able to troubleshoot [technical issues] themselves, so when something’s not working, they need help from our MSP.” Harnessing the power of GRIT’s Support Desk has improved business outcomes for JD Candler and McDonald Roofing.

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